Karolina Dam

Karolina Dam

I lost my son on December 26, 2014. He was reportedly killed in Kobani- Syria during a Coalition attack. I have since struggled to understand what went wrong.

I created the organization Sons and Daughters of the World, in order to combat radicalization and to put focus on the many issues associated with it. In this network, I try to create space, peace, love and understanding for the ones left behind. I try to cover as many different needs of parents and siblings as possible, such as grief support, information about de-radicalization units, authorities and lawyers. Also, information about the actual events that occurred in Syria/Iraq. My focus is on facts about what to do before it goes completely wrong, and how to navigate when it has got out of hand.

I am a frequent commentator in the media and 14 days after my son died I reached out to the media and am still doing interviews, I have participated in many interviews and documentaries, as well as talked to researchers and students from around the world, in order to demonstrate what is at stake. I tell my own story, and by sharing the awful truth about what happened, I can show how important it is that we realize the consequences, and that we try to understand what our youths are going through, before we are able to de-radicalize.

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